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This page is dedicated to all the members of Post 221 who have transferred to "Post Everlasting".
May they rest in peace and forever be remembered on these pages and by their comrades.



Adelsperger, R Wayne 1933-2012

Adkins Sr, Jerry W 1950-2013

Allen Jr, Wylie V 1952-2008

Anderson, Esther 1926-2012


Banks James R 1926-2013

Billingsley, W Robert 1946-2008

Blackwell, Cecil H 1922-2013

Bradley, Stephen L 1942-2012

Bress, Joseph H 1931-2012

Brown, Lowery W 1926-2012

Buck, Milton W 1932-2011


Carter, John L 1941-2013

Cornella, Stephen L 1947-2012


Day, George E "Bud" 1925-2013

Elliott, Donald R 1941-2012

Ellison, William A "Bill" 1942-2012


Gamble, Donald Eugene 1923 - 2013

Goodfleisch, Patricia A 1951-2012


Hall, Everett R "Tom T"  1942-2008

Hanlon, Leonard 1935-2008

Harris Sr, B. Bobby 1948-2007


Kendrick Sr, Bradley E 1923-2008

Knese, James J 1937-2011


Laubsch Jr, H M "Sonny" 1940-2008

Lewis, Austin "Lou" 1932-2012


Martin, Leonard F "Marty" 1933-2013


Rattigan, John A 1939-2012

Rushing, Joseph 1941- 2013

Rybicki, Eugene L 1923-2011


Smith, Stephen H. 1961-2014


Timmons, Dale E. 1921-2012

Tousignant, Neil F. 1934-2008


Welch, Rosa (Burt) 1943-2007

Wells, S Kay (Varnell) 1960-2013

Williamson Sr, Robert L "Bob" 1941-2010

Woollen, Jeannette (Goble) 1920-2011